Three steps for creating your own custom fabric


Three steps for creating your own custom fabric

Creating your own fabric used to be complicated, due to limited resources and technology. It used to cost a lot of money, and it used to take a long time to arrive. Fortunately, these difficulties are a thing of the past, and it is possible today to create custom fabrics using a mobile phone. Create your own fabrics and transform them into clothes, cushions, covers, or any article to carry your brand image, the possibilities are as unlimited as your imagination.

In this article, we will give you a simple and efficient process to get your custom fabrics made through digital printing. If you don't know what digital printing is, you are welcome to take a look at our guide for digital printing on fabric. When we say simple and efficient, we mean drag-and-drop easy.

Let's get your custom fabric made in three simple steps.

Choose your fabric

It's really important that you choose the right fabric, so much that it could be said that it's all that really matters. No matter how beautiful the printed pattern is, your client is not going to be happy if it's printed on the wrong material. If you need guidance, you are welcome to read our guide for choosing the right fabric for your project.

There are more than 100 different fabrics for custom printing such as cotton, rayon, minky, canvas, cotton lycra, UPF swimming fabric, athletic knitting fabric, chiffon etc. You can basically find everything on NBprintex. The fabrics page has a filters module to help you find what you need faster.

Upload your pattern

Drag and drop your pattern files in the dotted area. You can upload up to 10 files at once, as long as none of them exceed 50Mb. The supported file formats are JPG, PNG, TIF, PDF, and PDF with a resolution of at least 150dpi.

The pattern could be an image of your family, a pet, or anything else. Of course, it is best if the pattern can be seamless, which means that it can be repeated horizontally and vertically without showing a visible cut.

NBprintex is also an open market for custom print designs. Talented designers from all over the world can upload their designs for custom printing

After uploading your designs, open the templating page, where you will be able to adjust the scale and the layout of your pattern to your liking.

Rest assured that your designs are safe on the platform, are only displayed to the general public if you choose to make them public, belong to you and are protected by copyright. View our privacy policy and our copyright terms for more information.

Add the pattern to your card and proceed with the payment

This is the last step of creating a custom print fabric. That wasn't too complicated, was it? The checkout page will give you an estimated time of delivery, as well as the shipping cost for your delivery address.

After this step, NBprintex will take care of the rest, process your order and deliver on time.