General questions

We start with 1y/design with your own design and order at least 5y of one fabric. And 5y/design if you choose designs from our pattern page. And we are offering global free shipping service for orders under 25y at a very competitive price to support your business.
As you might know that even same colour shows differently on different fabrics. And there are more than 100 different fabrics available for printing, which would be hard to cover all the fabrics. But we are happy to assist you to print your own colour map.
We accept bank transfer, Paypal and credit card. There's a bit extra discount to go with bank transfer as it saves some additional cost.
Yes, before we start process you order, you can leave us a message to cancel or change your order as soon as you can. But once we start to process the order, any cancellation or change is not allowed.
Yes, we offer free sampling service and you just need to shoulder the shipping cost.
Yes, the process of fabric printing in our facility is GREEN. There are chemicals used during the whole process and will be disposed. And the final printed fabric is in compliance with importing and government regulations.
It actually depends on where you are and your country's custom policies. In order to save some unnecessary fees, please feel free to contact us.
We are using reactive dyes for natural fabric printing and it’s the most permanent of textile printing. Once printed out, the colors are durable and stable. Colors will always leech under the exposure of sunlight and other bad conditions but it’s very limited with reactive dye process. Regarding disperse and sublimation dyes applied on synthetic textile, the colors are strong and stable throughout the process, however it will naturally fade over a very long period of time.
When you set up a store you will have to provide us with your PayPal account details. All payments will be sent through PayPal. And all commissions will be dispatched once order is shipped.
As you can tell from the free sampling page, there are polyester and cotton for your selection as our main purpose is to get our customer an idea of what the prints will look like on fabrics before placing a real order. Once polyester fabric is selected, we will randomly choose our available polyester fabrics. Same for cotton.

About patterns

Yes, we have a strong team that can assist with your printing project. But instead of developing a brand new design, we would only help to revise the design and make it good for printing. Most of the occasions, we will assist for free.
Well, since we set the file size limit at 50MB, you will need to compress your file a bit. For example, turn tif or other big format into jpeg such compressed format. And if you still have problems, please contact us:
It depends on the DPI of the original uploaded file. If the file has a high resolution, it's allowed to be zoomed up for many times. We set the bottom line resolution to ensure the printing quality.
Yes, NBprintex will strongly protect your designs and copyrights. You can check out our copyrights policy in the footer.
Now we accept files in jpg,png,tif,psd and tif with a fair resolution. Let’s say no less than 150 DPI in order to ensure the printing quality
Please upload at no more than 50MB. And a single repeat will be just fine. Also a small size file is much faster to upload.

About fabrics

If you have ordered a small amount of fabrics, it will be folded and packaged into a plastic bag or a box. If you have ordered a big amount of fabrics, they will be rolled up and packaged into a long carton.
During the production process, our fabrics undergo some pretty intense heat. The heat will shrink the fabrics anywhere from 2-5% depending on the type of fabric. When washed, the fabrics will shrink further. The shrinkage during washing will range from 3%-8%. We have already washed the fabrics before shipping to our customers but pre-washing the fabrics from your side will ensure the seams are not impacted when the finished goods are washed.
Yes they do. Neither the fabrics nor the inks contain any lead. Other chemicals are in human body safety range. We can provide third party fabric testing if you require that. ( there would be extra charge based on different test items).
We offer probably the widest range of fabrics and most affordable price for online printing, including polyester, cotton, silk, linen, rayon, blended fabrics, knitting, mesh, lace, etc. You can always find one meets your demand.
When you add fabrics to your cart, there’s an estimated shipping time popping up. Usually when the order is under 200y, it would take us 7-10 days to process. For orders above 200y, we might need around 10-15 days. Our team will follow up the order when it’s shipped and provide Tracking No.
Just like the clothes in your wardrobe, they have a care instruction in order to maintain the quality. Fabric is the same; we have different wash care instructions for each fabric on the fabric page.
Yes, it's available for purchasing and it includes around 30 different custom fabrics. Not all the fabrics are in the swatch pack, we have just added some most ordered ones.
Yes, if you are not sending from China, we are only able to receive small packages. But if you have your fabric supplier in China, we are able to receive bulk fabrics from them.


Yes, not only ship internationally by DHL or other express companies but also travel internationally to visit our customers and listen to their needs and projects.
At this moment, the track button only works when we ship by DHL. So if your package is sent by FEDEX or UPS, please manually go to the courier website and track your package.
After adding all the items you want to purchase to your cart, there’s an estimated shipping cost shown in the cart page when you fill the address. And order 25 yards per custom fabric could enjoy free shipping service
Well, it actually depends but mostly DHL and UPS which would take 5-7 days. And for bulk orders, we will discuss with customers about the cost and find out a most suitable way, might be by express, air,sea or appointed forwarder.


By simply adding up the quantity, you can see that we provide a full range of prices. Order more and you can get a way better price. For example you may get a price at $10/y for a specific fabric at the quantity of 15y but $4/y at the quantity of 200y.
Yes, it has already included both fabric and printing cost.


Please contact or live chat with us :)
As you know we barely have any demand for MOQ but to offer final product services would require quite a fair amount of the order. So please contact us at info@nbprintex if you have such a request.