NBprintex has more than 10 years experience in the digital fabric printing industry. Unlike many other traditional printing&dyeing mills in China that request for 1500 yards MOQ, we are very flexible with it and manufacture custom print fabric by the yard.

Our goal is to make fabric printing as easy as breathing. Digital printed fabric is suitable for both family/personal use and business like fabric retail/wholesale, quilting, garments, sewing, kids or pets clothing, scarves, canvas bag, cushion covers, etc. We want to concise the process of custom fabric printing and make it fast and safe. Thus if you have your designs ready in your computer or cell phone or want to find the inspiration from our marketplace, you can get your fabric printed by just a single click.

Our website is an open marketplace for both designers and those who want to purchase fabrics. On the one hand, designers can get commission when any of our visitors has placed an order using his/her designs. On the other hand, for those who want to buy fabric with excellent patterns or want to use their own designs, they can finish placing the order in just a few seconds.

Our team in NBprintex is made up of a selected group of people who are professional in their own fields. Skilled workers are responsible for the production from pasting-digital printing-steaming- washing-heat shaping. Lab team focuses on making sure our fabric meets the physical and chemical standard for exporting and customer standards. Fabric purchasing team will take care of the greige purchasing and new items developing to meet international trends. Our design team has always been a great assistance for our customers. Whenever there are some flaws within the pattern, our team will revise it and send it again for re-confirmation.

With a production capability of producing 550,000 yards/month of digitally printed cloth, we are able to ship globally and directly send the custom print fabrics to our customers. From manufacturer to customer, we are always striving to provide our customer the most affordable and personalized fabric printing service.

Choose your pattern and NBprintex will handle the rest .