3 Steps To Create Your Own Custom Fabric

28/11/2020 09:23

There was a hard time creating your own fabric due to limited resources and technologies. It either costs you a lot or takes too long […] Read post 

Simple Guide For Sellers At NBprintex

30/06/2020 09:06

Simple Guide for seller At NBprintex

Warm welcome to our marketplace where we can realise a win-win situation and earn some extra income during sleep. This is a guide to set […] Read post 

Print with NBprintex

30/06/2020 08:43

Printex with NBprintex

Fabric available for printing We offer a wide range of natural and synthetic fabrics for printing like cotton, silk, viscose,tencel,polyester, etc. And you can choose […] Read post 

Definitive guide For Digital Printing On Fabric

29/06/2020 15:37

Digital print fabric

About 10 years ago, when digital printing was a luxury and many of the international textile businesses could only afford screen printing or let’s say […] Read post 

Ultimate Guide To Choose The Right Fabric

29/06/2020 15:14


Whatever sewing project you are engaging in, big or small, business or retail, FABRIC is all that matters. It’s the soul and core for your […] Read post